Questions/comments on “Windows CE x Windows Mobile” – Part 1

My post on Windows CE x Windows Mobile differences generated a lot of interesting comments, more than I had anticipated :-). Thanks to all of you who have posted your comments/questions to the blog, private messages, as well as all discussing on web forums. I thought a new post would be the best option to…


Mobile Operator, OEM and Microsoft: Windows Mobile Roles

Following my post regarding the differences between Windows CE and Windows Mobile, I’d like to discuss the responsibility share among the Mobile Operator, device manufacturer and Microsoft on a Windows Mobile-based device, especially when you consider that this device has customizations from each of these companies (This article is also available in Brazilian Portuguese here)….


Mobile Client Software Factory – Check it out!

Are you developing LOB applications? Occasionally-connected mobile applications? Make sure to check the Mobile Client Software Factory: Overview A new patterns & practices Guidance offering to help you build end to end solutions on the Mobile platform. It includes a port of the Composite UI Application Block to the .NET Compact Framework. Mobile Client Software…


Windows CE X Windows Mobile – what is the difference?

Just checked Mike’s post about the announcement of Windows CE 6.0 at MEDC. He says: It’s interesting to see that this news has made it over to /. (Slashdot) – what’s even more interesting is reading the comments – how are people confused between Windows CE and Windows Mobile ? – I don’t get it….


Xbox + Windows Vista + Windows Mobile = Live Anywhere!

Yesterday, Bill Gates announced MS vision on gaming at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3): Dubbed “Live Anywhere,” the initiative puts gamers at the center of a ubiquitous always-on world where their digital identities, games, friends and digital entertainment are always accessible through the familiar Xbox Live interface, regardless of location or device. The plan also clears…

No MEDC for me this year… :-(

I want to apologize to partners, customers and friends for not being able to make it to Las Vegas for the MEDC2006 – I’m actually grounded in Brazil until the end of this month (more on that later). Sorry! For those attending the event, feel free to send me news, pictures and opinions – I…

Does IE Mobile Support AJAX? Guess what? Yes, it does!!!

I have been asked about AJAX development support for Internet Explorer Mobile (running on Windows Mobile-based devices). The short answer is: YES, IE Mobile on Windows Mobile 2003 and later supports AJAX! The long answer was given last year by Kevin Grey, SDET on the IE Mobile Team, on this great post: If you are…

How geek are you? How about editing code on your Pocket PC?!

Let’s say you need to finish that software project in the next hour but are stuck in the traffic… don’t worry anymore! Now you can open up your Visual Studio project on your Pocket PC and start coding at anytime and anywhere! Logical Sky has launched CEdit: CEdit is a programmer’s source code editor for…