Back from 3GSM and Steve Ballmer’s keynote

I had the opportunity to spend the week in Barcelona for the 3GSM conference - world’s largest and most influential wireless industry tradeshow. It is a huge event and every single company related to mobile business was there, from major device manufacturers and mobile operators to ISVs and solution providers. This year the organization changed the event location from Cannes, France to Barcelona, Spain. In Cannes, the event was more packed/smaller, and it was easier to meet people while walking by the booths. In Barcelona, everything was bigger and sometimes people got lost among the several halls 🙂

Microsoft had a booth/stand at hall 1 plus the Executive Meeting Center (EMC) at Hotel Catalonia Plaza, where I spent most of my time meeting mobile operators, device makers, partners and internal people.

It was great to see the excitement around Windows Mobile and the difference when MS first participated on the 3GSM.  Three years ago we had only one device in only one market in Europe, now there are around 100 mobile operators in 55 countries selling Windows Mobile-based devices – and there are 47 device makers working on WM. Yes, we still have a lot of work to do, but I think that’s quite an accomplishment (that was me wearing my marketing hat 🙂

This was also the first year MS had a keynote during the conference! So we brought Steve Ballmer to talk about what we’re doing in the mobile arena, partnerships, solutions, etc. If you missed it, you can watch the on-demand version here or read the keynote’s transcript here.

You probably have read a lot already about 3GSM and its news, but in the next days I will try to summarize the announcements and news from MS and our partners.

Stay tuned!


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