The New Generation of Microsoft Certifications

From Microsoft’s site: More targeted. More cost-effective. More likely to make someone say, “Wow!” We are pleased to present the new generation of Microsoft certifications, designed to be directly relevant to the latest technologies and to your specific job role. The first additions to the certification family will be released in January and are focused…


Maryam, it also beeps down here!

I read Maryam’s post about her issues with Scoble’s Smartphone and thought it was pretty funny how they resolved the issue 🙂 To my surprise, today, I had the pleasant surprise of having one of my Windows Mobile devices beeping loudly very early in the morning. It was not so tragic as Maryam tells us, but…


Lançamento Claro – Qtek 9090 – Update

O evento para parceiros e clientes de ontem, em São Paulo, foi muito bom – bastantes contatos e muitas oportunidades. E o mais importante, a demonstração ocorreu sem problemas 🙂 Estou no RJ para o evento que deve começar em aproximadamente 1 hora. Mesmo que você não tenha feito o RSVP, pode aparecer por aqui! Tags: [Microsoft] [Windows…


Claro lança Qtek 9090 – Evento de lançamento em São Paulo

A Claro anunciou hoje o Qtek 9090! Teremos eventos de lançamento em São Paulo (hoje) e no Rio de Janeiro (amanhã). Veja o convite abaixo – confirme sua presença que ainda dá tempo! Estarei à cargo da demonstração, não perca! 🙂 Tags: [Microsoft] [Windows Mobile] [Pocket PC]


TechEd Brasil – Update

Vamos lá… depois de alguns feedbacks, temos o seguinte programado para Windows Mobile no TechEd Brasil: Uma sessão de desenvolvimentoA idéia é apresentar Visual Studio, Windows Mobile 5.0 e… linha de código! 🙂 Tem MUITO coisa para mostrar e acho que não teremos tempo de ver tudo, então estou pensando nesses assuntos: Introdução: poucos slides,…


How to visit 6 countries in one month?

Question:How does one visit 6 countries and meet 15 mobile operators in one month? Answer:With a backpack full of Windows Mobile-based devices! 🙂 This month has being very active as I’m visiting several mobile operators throughout Latam. It is always nice to meet these guys – in some cases we are just presenting our mobility…


And the Windows Mobile Connection Manager said: "Do you care for an IP connection?"

This is the second post of the introduction to the Windows Mobile Connection Manager. In part I (Portuguese only, sorry), we talked about the myriad of networks a cell-phone can connect to: WAP, GPRS, EDGE, etc. We also briefly presented the characteristics of each of these networks. Based on the level of complexity one can…


Establishing Connections through the Connection Manager

[Details for post Windows Mobile Connection Manager] To calculate the optimal path for a connection the Connection Manager evaluates several criteria, including the work exceptions, and establishes the best connection solution. However, if a connection is already active, criteria are not re-evaluated for the connection; the criteria are reevaluated only when the connection becomes inactive…