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After a few years in Windows Mobile, I moved to a startup group inside Microsoft. I was responsible for the platform we were building (SDK, compiler, debugger, tools, Visual Studio integration, etc. - sorry, I cannot give details here 😉 and most recently I joined Bing Mobile, where I've been working on a number of different products and features, and doing a lot of machine learning, language modeling and other cool things!

See you!




I just moved to another position in the Windows Mobile product group - more details here!

See you!


For those of you out there who does not know me, my name is Fernando Zandoná and I'm in charge of Windows Mobile devices for Latin America (Latam). Although my main focus is to work with Mobile Operators on launching Windows Mobile-based devices, I get in contact with the whole ecosystem, including OEM/ODMs, developers, ISVs, solution providers, etc. I'm based out of São Paulo, Brazil and travel the all around the region working with our Mobile Operators and partners.

Aren't you Brazilian? Why switch to English?
I started blogging one month ago exclusively in Portuguese (yes, we speak Portuguese in Brazil and not Spanish! 🙂 To be more precise, it is Brazilian Portuguese which differs from Portugal's Portuguese in the accent as well as some words that can put you in big trouble due to their different meanings). After one month I realized I was getting a lot of hits from outside Brazil and several people were using tools like Altavista trying to translate the posts. Together with the fact that it would be impossible for me to post in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English - I decided switch to English.

I will eventually post in a specific language for specific local initiatives, e.g. TechEd Brazil - but you may expect most of the posts to be in English from now on. And as I'm not a native English speaker, you may also expect typos and grammatical errors all over the place 🙂

Is this a Latam-only blog?
Of course not! It's a Windows Mobile blog... as an example, so far we have talked about the long journey of launching a WM device, from the OS, to the device, test & certification at Mobile Operator and finally the device hitting the streets; the main characteristics and differences of Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone, I started a series on the Connection Manager - the connections owner inside a WM device, etc.

The main idea of this blog is to create a communication channel and share what is happening in the mobility area WW and in Latam, with especial focus on Windows Mobile, mobile devices, mobile application development and solutions.

Your feedback is very important! Feel free to contact me and let me know what I should be talking about on this space.

Fernando Zandoná
The Latam Guy


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  1. Jonatas Gardin says:

    Olá Zandoná. Venho acompanhando o seu blog desde o começo e sempre achei interessante a idéia de alguém do Brasil fornecer informações de dentro dos acontecimentos. Acompanho constantemente alguns blogs da Microsoft e sempre vi que existem blogs em Coreano, Japonês, Françês, Alemão, etc, mas somente dois em Português: Você e o Winbr. Agora eram dois. Agora só fica o Winbr. Acho uma pena, apesar de concordar que devemos nos concentrar onde há audiência, principalmente na grande audiência que a língua inglesa possui. Desejo boa sorte e aumento de sua audiência. Continue nos informando de dentro do furacão.

  2. fzandona says:

    Olá Jonatas!

    Muito obrigado contato e feedback! Também estou com esse sentimento de ter deixado os Brazucas a ver navios, mas por outro lado estava em falta com o resto de Latam – trabalho com a América Latina e não tinha tempo para postar em Português e Espanhol…

    Feedbacks como o seu são super importantes e, pode ser que o Inglês acabe não sendo a melhor opção, mas é uma tentativa. E como disse, vou continuar postando em Português para assuntos específicos do Brasil.

    Mais uma vez obrigado e mantenha contato!


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