XpsStat: A program for gathering statistics information of XPS documents

In the Winhec presentation on XPS document performance optimization, a simple program XpsStat is introduced to analyze XPS documents.  Given an XPS document, XpsStat generates four or five tables in HTML format: Container Summary Table: information about each type of parts in the document. FixedPage / Remote Resource Dictionary Table: information about each fixed page / remote…


XPS Performance

There will be two XPS related sessions at Winhec 2007 tomorrow, focusing on Performance Optimization for XPS Document. The techincal presentation (CLN-T371 ) will be at 8:30am to 9:30am in Room 502AB. Shortly after that (9:45 to 10:45), there will be a chalk talk (CLN-C372) in Room 409A on the same topic. The focus of the talk will…


XPS at Winhec 2007

Today (May 15, 2007) is the first day of Winhec 2007. If you’re application developers, printer/scanner/multi-functional device vendors, you may be interested in the following XPS related sessions. CLN-T370 XPSDrv: Best Practice using Print Verifier, May 15, 3:15pm-4:15pm 515B, Manski & Ashwin CLN-C369 (Chalk Talk) Print Verifier and XPSDrv Driver Development, May 15, 4:30pm-5:30pm 409A,…


A Simple XPS Decoder in C++

If you write programs in C#, Windows Presentation Foundation in .Net 3.0 provides quite nice API to write, generate and manipulate XPS documents. You can get the same feature if you work with managed C++ in .Net 3.0. Even if you work with .Net 2.0, you can get the basic ZIP stream decoding/encoding support. But…


Another Ph.D for Bill Gates

On April 19th, Bill Gates has been awarded a honorary Ph.D degree by Tsinghua University (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsinghua_University), the best engineering school in China.


Something useful from ‘junk’ mails

With a high school junior in the house, we’re receiving tons of ‘junk’ mails from colleges these days. They usually pile up on the desk until we have time to read and discard them. Today, my wife found something useful, or rather something we have been anxtiously waiting for, an acceptance letter from RSI (Research…


XPS document with 100,000 pages?

Once a simple document format like XPS is created, it takes on a life of its own. Seeing the beauty of XPS, people are converting documents from differenent sources to XPS. People are trying to create XPS document with 10,000 pages, and even pushing for 100,000 pages. But if you’re using Microsoft XPS Document Writer to…


Source code for Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw

Source code for Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw used to be on http://safariexamples.informit.com/0130869856/. But link has been broken for quite sometimes. I’ve received a few emails from readers who has lost the CD of the book. If you need the source code, here is it: www.fengyuan.com/sample/Samples.zip


Convert XAML Flow Document to XPS with Style (multiple page, page size, header, margin)

XPS is a fixed document format in which pages are pre-formated to a fixed page sixe. On the opposite of the spectrum, WPF provides flow document which can be paginated dynamically in XAML viewer. To bridge the two, WPF provides features to convert a flow document to fixed document in XPS format. Actually, you can convert any WPF Visual…


Anatomy of STL Vector: Data Size

In the last post, we discussed the cost of using STL vector to module size. Now let’s take a look at how STL vector manages its data. Dia2Dump (Source code available in Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Dia SDK\Samples\Dia2Dump directory) shows the following internal structure of vector<short:>     UDT       : std::vector<short,std::allocator<short> > BaseClass :   std::_Vector_val<short,std::allocator<short> >,…