XPS at WinHec

There is a large presence of XPS at Winhec this year, which makes Global Graphics' booth banner very fitting:

The XPS workflow demo in Will Poole's keynote speech was a complete success. It demonstrates generation, viewing, sharing, scanning and printing of XPS documents. XPS booth at Microsoft Pavillion and XPS printing hands-on-lab were very busy.

Tomorrow, there will be several XPS related presentations (all in room 607/608), ask-the-expert session, and XPS printing hands-on-lab (room 617).

More importantly, there are quite a few people from Microsoft Digiital Document team who should be able to answer your questions about XPS.

I checked out the slides I will be presenting:

XPS is here, you should be ready or busy getting ready.

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  1. Radeldudel says:

    would love to get busy with XPS, just need some *good* examples how to create a variety of XPS documents with different content.

    So far I found only very basic information about creating XPS, never containing stuff like advanced formatting.

  2. CL says:

    May I know if there is a work around to programmatically select text in XPS document viewer. I am developing in .net 3.0 framework.

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