Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (ISBN 0130869856) reprint is here !

Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw has been out of print for quite sometimes. I tried several times to convince the publisher to reprint it because people are still programming using Win32 API, but they would not do it, quoting that the back-order is not high enough for them to do so.

I've received numerous emails from people asking for where they can get hold of a copy of the book. Second hand copies of the book are listed as high as four times the original price.

Finally, two months ago I asked for the minimum order for them to reprint the book. That got their attention because there is no way they can lose. Today, the books are delivered to my driveway.

If you're in need of a book on GDI, you can order directly from me (fyuan at or at I would be happy to sign the book for you, in either English or Chinese.

Here is one happy reader's comment about the book (

Everything you ever wanted to know about Windows GDI programming but didn't know who to ask or where to look. This deserves to become a modern classic.



Q: I've been reading your blog for 2 weeks now, after reading about your book from another blogger ( I've been reading so much good things about it, and I'm very interested in programming graphics. So, I'd like to order a copy, before it's sold out again.

A: There are lots of ways to do graphics programming on Windows platform. You can use GDI32, DirectX, OpenGL, GDI+ or the latest Windows Presentation Foundation. So if you're just interested in graphics, try Windows Presentation Foundation, DirectX, or GDI+ first. If you really want to GDI programming, then you may need this book. People who have read other books and MSDN library about GDI and still want to know more about GDI can benefit a lot from this book.

You can read the book online first at

Q: What about internationl shipping.

A: The listing does not allow internatiional shipping, because there are several options for international shipping and this book is really big and heavy (4.5 lbs). So you should contact me directly (fyuan at for internationa; shipping. For different shipping options, check (Just an example, change country to where you live).

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  1. Cory Nelson says:

    I’m glad someone realizes Win32 is still alive and kicking!  Thank you!

  2. Philippe Auphelle says:

    Hmmm, according to the URL you mention, Amazon is not yet aware of your reprint:

    Windows Graphics Programming

    by Feng Yuan

    Out of Print–Limited Availability

  3. LocTeam says:

    Yeah, that is true too.

    But you can also see "New (1 from $59.99)" on

    I only managed to convince them to print the books, but not financing and fulfillment.

  4. jfo's coding says:

    An update on the GDI book reprint.  Feng Yuan says the books are in!

  5. IceSharK says:



  6. nikechen says:

    Dear Sir:

    I live in Taiwan and am looking for this book for several months. May I order this book from you directly, since I would like to get the Chinese sign from you, thanks.

  7. LocTeam says:

    I did not allow international shipping on because its $9 shipping credit is way short of the cost needed for this 2 kilogram book, plus there are different options for international shipping. You can contact me directly (fyuan @ Thanks

  8. fbfiso says:

    (Poor English..sorry.There’s no S.Chinese IME installed yet)

    I like this book since I got the electronic version of it almost three years ago.I got the idea of what GDI is and how to use GDI properly.And this book is one of the most helpful WinAPI(GDI API related) tech book.(The other two are Programming Windows and Windows 环 境 下 32位 汇 编 语 言 程 序 设 计).Not only a tutorial or reference book but anatomise inside out.Thank you very much,FengYuan.

    (I brought the Chinese version last year 😀 but the translation is just so so :(. I know it’s translated by a group but I hope you will revise it yourself if it will be reprint or present for 2nd edtion.)

    Best Regard.

  9. viano says:

    I have a problem how to create a connection to mysql with c/c++?

    thank you .

    my English is very pool :)!

  10. Derek says:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell the computer to clear a sprite I had it draw with DirectDraw 9.0. I am making a game, and I drew the title screen as a sprite, but now I can’t erase it.

  11. Bill Rance says:

    As a PE I am impressed by your book especially as it is written by a person whose english is a second language. It is on my shelf

    However I am of opinion that it is week in the area of bitmaps(& gif etc) especially in the explanation and usage of DIB’s.

    For example the coding of ‘strip charts’ (as is seen when recoding data on Honeywell strip recorders for example), this is not a trivial exercise – could you comment on this and what would you propose for a better understanding.

    Kind regards and thank you

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