Modifying XPS Document: Add Watermark

Windows Platform Foundation has provided easy APIs and solutions for XPS document generation, visualization and printing. But often time, after XPS documents are generated, we would like to modify it in certain way. The scenario I’m trying to demonstrate here is adding a watermark to each page within an XPS document. There are multiple ways…


Trobleshooting Printing Fidelity Problems

It’s not uncommon to have a print-out from your printer not matching what do you see on screen. Printing is a quite complicated process with multiple players involved. So it’s not an easy job to figure out who is at fault, either to find a workaround or to get the problem really resolved. By fidelity…


GDI Font Installation and Printing

I learned something new about GDI font installation and printing recently. So if you’re use functions like AddFontResourceEx or AddFontMemResourceEx to install fonts in your application and your application supports printing, you may want to continue reading. Font name collision: if you install a font which has the same full name as an existing font already installed…


XPS at WinHec

There is a large presence of XPS at Winhec this year, which makes Global Graphics’ booth banner very fitting: The XPS workflow demo in Will Poole’s keynote speech was a complete success. It demonstrates generation, viewing, sharing, scanning and printing of XPS documents. XPS booth at Microsoft Pavillion and XPS printing hands-on-lab were very busy….


Anatomy of Radial Gradient Brush

WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) and XPS (Open XML Paper Specification) supports five types of brushes. They are solid color brush, linear gradient brush, radial gradient brush, image brush, and visual brush. This posting will discuss the ‘shape’ of radial gradient brushes. The shape of a WPF/XPS radial gradient brush is defined by three attributes: Center GradientOrigin…


The difference between an amature and professional plumber

An amature plumber makes multiple trips to Home Depot to buy supplies, a professional plumber gets supply from his/her truck. An amature plumber listens to whatever advise other people gives, a professional plumber does not need them. An amature plumber buys much more stuff than what’s needed, a professional plumber knows exactly what’s needed. An…


American in Chinese History: Anson Burlingame

On the eve of Chinese president’s visit to United States, I thought it’s fitting to discuss some American figures in Chinese History. The first important person is Anson Burlingame. Mr. Anson Burlingame was appointed by Lincoln as minister to Austria-Hungary, but somehow he was not welcome there. So reluctantly he accecpted transfer to Peking (Beijing)….


Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (ISBN 0130869856) reprint is here !

Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw has been out of print for quite sometimes. I tried several times to convince the publisher to reprint it because people are still programming using Win32 API, but they would not do it, quoting that the back-order is not high enough for them to do so. I’ve received numerous…


Bought a new computer: HP Media Center PC m7334n with AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800

My desktop computer at home is about five years old, so I thought it’s time to buy myself a new computer. There are two features I’m particularly interested in new computer: media center PC and AMD 64-bit CPU. So I looked around for a Media Center PC with AMD 64-bit CPU. This blog entry will…


The benefit of having your own office

The benefit of having your own office, or at least one of them, is that you can have your own $29 IKEA armchar: