Native Office Support for XPS Annouced

Office just annouced native/direct support for XPS document in Office 12. Read more about it: Jeff Bell’s blog: Andy Simonds’s blog:


Personal Computers 30 Years Ago

Last week, close to 20,000 Microsoft employees gathered together at Safeco field to celebrate Microsoft’s 30 year anniversary. It was a very cheerful event. This prompted me to search trough my collection of books and magazines to find out what was the personal computer world like 30 years ago. Here are some pieces I found:…


The XPS (XML Paper Specification) Depot

Microsoft Specifications Open Packaging Conventions, Version 0.75 XML Paper Specification, Version 0.75 Windows Media Photo Specification Microsoft Documents “Metro” Document Technologies Integerate Data with XPS Documents Jerry Dunietz – XPS interview on Channel 9 (Video) Jesse McGatha – Unleashing the Power of XPS (PDC 2005, Powerpoint Slides) Gregg Brown: Advances in Document Workflow Automation (PDC 2005,…



How does article differ from posting?


Printing to Microsoft XPS Document Writer without showing File Save Dialog Box

Somehow commenting was not working on my blog, so a reader send me an email on how to print to XPS Document Writer in a server environment without popping up file save dialog box. Printing to file is supported by GDI through the DOCINFO structure passed to StartDoc call. Here is a sample code: void…


DIY generation of XPS Documents

Microsoft provides two ways of generating XPS Documents. If you’re a Win32 application or a .NET 1.0 application, you can generate XPS Documents using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer through Win32 GDI printing API. If you’re a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application, generation of XPS Document is supported through our new API. Both cases have…


XPS (XML Pape Specification) 0.75 Spec Released

Microsoft just released the XPS Specification and Reference Guide today (Sep 13th 2005): There are three new specifications for download: Open Packaging Conventions which describe the methods for packaging information in a file format. XML Paper Specification which is a new general-purpose document format Windows Media Photo Specification, which is a new file format…


Printing to legacy devices in Windows Presentation Foundation

In the two previous postings, we discussed about two different ways of generating XPS (XML Paper Specification) Documents, one being printing to XPS Document Writer from Win32 applications, and the other being using the new WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) API. In this article, we will discuss how to print to printers in WPF.  There are…


Microsoft Digital Document Team at PDC 2005

Here are the sessions and other activities connected with the Microsoft Digital Document team at PDC 2005: Breakout Sessions DAT304  Unleashing the Power of XPS-Based File Formats for your Application Day/Time: Tuesday, September 13 2:45 PM- 4:00 PM Room: 408 AB Speaker(s): Jesse McGatha Session Level(s): 300 Track(s): Data & Systems PRS333  Windows Presentation Foundation (“Avalon”): Advances…


Creating XPS Documents from Visual, plus an insider look at an XPS Document

In the last article, we discussed how to generate XPS Documents from Win32 applications using the XPS Document Writer. The procedure is very simple, can you simply print whatever contents you have using GDI API. Now let’s try to generate XPS Documents from WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) using its new API.   As lots…