Announcing the release of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2

We are happy to announce the availability of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2, the latest update to the Visual F# compiler and F# IDE tooling for Visual Studio.  You can download the installer package here. Building upon Visual F# 3.1, and the first out-of-band update Visual F# Tools 3.1.1, Visual F# Tools 3.1.2 is a standalone,… Read more

Announcing a pre-release of F# 3.1 and the Visual F# tools in Visual Studio 2013

We are pleased to announce the availability of a preview release of version 3.1 of the F# language, with matching Visual F# tooling. These are included with the Visual Studio 2013 Preview Release announced at //BUILD/ and on Soma’s blog. F# as a language is both open source and available for cross-platform use through the… Read more

Building and Publishing Web Sites containing F# Code (Windows Azure Training in F#, Part One)

The indefatigable Sir Eel has published a series on the The Windows Azure Training Kit in F#. Part 1 covers building and publishing Window Azure web sites which contain F# code. Part 1 – WATK in F#, Part 1: Building and Publishing Windows Azure Web Sites Here begins a series of posts showing how I used… Read more

Learn How to Create an Internet Game Using F#, C#, and ASP.NET

We have just released a new MSDN sample and tutorial that shows how to use F# and C# in a Windows Azure cloud service. If you are interested in cloud programming with F# or any other language, we encourage you try out the sample! The sample is a crossword game called WordGrid, which is reminiscent of Scrabble,… Read more

Rethinking findstr with F# and Powershell

As a software engineer, I am frequently searching my projects’ source trees for various code snippets, or searching a collection of log files for a particular message, or some other type of text searching activity.  The traditional Windows utility for such things is findstr, but alas, it leaves much to be desired.  Among other things,… Read more

Online project templates, NuGet, and unit testing with F# in Visual Studio 2012

In this blog post, I show off a number of F# integration features in Visual Studio 2012, by walking through an end-to-end scenario of authoring and testing an F# library.   The code itself is not the focus; rather, I’ll focus on the IDE tooling as we walk through the scenario.   In the end, we’ll have… Read more

Using the New Cloud Numerics Library in F#

The recently announced Cloud Numerics library is a great fit for F# analytical computing. The Cloud Numerics team recently posted some examples of how to use this library in F#, and learn how to do distributed numerics on Azure with F#! As always, we welcome your feedback! Tell us what you think about the library… Read more