How to Contribute to the F# Compiler/Library Implementation

The F# Open Engineering Group has an excellent new website and a blog post explaining How to Contribute to the F# Language, Compiler and Core Library Implementation, including impressive details on How you can contribute to the F# Language, Compiler and Core Library Why they currently ask you to work with us and send your contributions… Read more

Facilitating Open Contributions for the F# Compiler, Library and Visual F# Tools

The Visual F# Team are very happy to announce that, through our participation in Microsoft Open Technologies (MSOpenTech) and in conjunction with the F# community, we are now able to accept contributions to the Visual F# Tools.  Through this, we will also be enabling community contributions to the F# language, compiler, library more generally, including… Read more

At BUILD 2014? Join the F# Bay Area Group for Drinks on Thursday

  For those attending BUILD 2014 in San Francisco, the F# Bay Area Group will be hosting drinks at the Thirsty Bear Brewery at 6:00pm on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Come along and discsus how F# works as a community, learn how to contribute to F# tools, projects and open engineering, and learn how F# is… Read more

Tonight in San Francisco, 6pm: Domain Specific Languages in F# with Tomas Petricek

Tonight at ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, 6pm: When designing software, we often need to solve numerous instances of the same problem. When designing user interfaces, we need to describe the layout and interaction. For financial systems, we need to describe a wide range of financial contracts or, for example, recognize different patterns in price change.  Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)… Read more