Seattle user group, Feb 13: F# on iOS with Xamarin Studio and Mac

If you are in the Seattle area, come by the Microsoft campus February 13 at 7pm for a talk on creating F# iOS apps using Xamarin Studio on Mac.  Details on the group’s meetup page, here: For more information regarding F# on iOS, see Abstract: Xamarin.iOS lets you create iOS apps using F#… Read more

Tonight in San Francisco, 6pm: Domain Specific Languages in F# with Tomas Petricek

Tonight at ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, 6pm: When designing software, we often need to solve numerous instances of the same problem. When designing user interfaces, we need to describe the layout and interaction. For financial systems, we need to describe a wide range of financial contracts or, for example, recognize different patterns in price change.  Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)… Read more

Seattle area event: A hands-on introduction to machine learning with F#

Next Monday, November 18, at 6:30pm, Mathias Brandewinder will be on the Microsoft campus leading another of his popular F# machine learning events.  Come on by if you are in the Seattle area! In the meantime, if you are interested in F# for machine learning, check out some great resources at . Full details:… Read more

A new F# Meetup Group – Washington DC F# Meetup

  Those of us in the Visual F# team are pleased to announce that the Washington DC F# Meetup group has now been launched!   Welcome! This is an F# meetup group that meets in and around the DC area. The goal is to bring likeminded local F# enthusiasts together to learn, play, and explore the F#… Read more

The Progressive F# Tutorials, New York City, September 18-19

The Progressive F# Tutorials are returning to New York City on September 18-19th! The Progressive F# Tutorials bring together the leading experts in F# to deliver a range of talks, 4 hour intensive hands-on tutorials and discussions, allowing attendees to truly deep dive and develop hands-on experience. With the help of Rick Minerich SkillsMatter have… Read more

Seattle F# meetup, Wednesday 7/17/2013, 7:00 PM: Functional-style control flow in F#

Join the F# Seattle User Group meetup next Wednesday for a talk about functional-style control flow in F#: Many developers come to F# from the imperative world of C#, where they are accustomed to various loop types, if/else blocks, switches, breaks, and other imperative control flow mechanisms.  Some of these concepts are simply not present… Read more

Zurich FSharp Meetup: Embrace the Cloud with F# (Wednesday, May 29, 2013)

[ Further information on the F# Community can be found at ] Tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 29, 2013) the Zurich F# Meetup Group has a session on Embrace the Cloud with F#. The next meetup of the Zurich F# Users will take place on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 18:45 at NetException GmbH (as usual). If… Read more

F# for Machine Learning – a Gentle Introduction and Coding Dojo

Further information on F# and Machine Learning can be found at  If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss F# for Machine Learning – a Gentle Introduction and Coding Dojo on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00pm. The F# Software Foundation also have a collection of links about F# and Machine Learning, as well as related topics including… Read more

Seattle DotNet Startup Group: F# for Startups, Tuesday June 11 2013

Further information on the F# Community can be found at  If you’re in Seattle, Redmond or the Puget Sound Area, don’t miss the Seattle DotNet Startup Group session on F# for Startups. Joel Grus is Chief Scientist at VoloMetrix, where he develops and builds the algorithms for the core analytics platform (mostly in F#).  Previously he worked… Read more

F# Community Group of the Week: the San Francisco Bay Area F# Meetup Group

Our F# community group of the week is The San Francisco Bay Area F# Meetup Group. I had the pleasure to meet some of the people in the group last week, at their last meetup held at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley. Meetups are normally held in San Francisco proper. The two organizers are Matt… Read more