F# samples and community resources

There are lots of resources available for learning more about F#.  In this blog post, I’ll call out some of the best jumping-off points for learning F# through samples, asking questions, and getting involved in the F# community. Code Samples There are a variety of places to get sample code in F#.  To begin, there’s… Read more

Online project templates, NuGet, and unit testing with F# in Visual Studio 2012

In this blog post, I show off a number of F# integration features in Visual Studio 2012, by walking through an end-to-end scenario of authoring and testing an F# library.   The code itself is not the focus; rather, I’ll focus on the IDE tooling as we walk through the scenario.   In the end, we’ll have… Read more

More About F# 3.0 Language Features

Version 3.0 of the F#  language (which ships with Visual Studio 2012) has a number of new language features.  I expect that most people who follow F# are aware of the two big new language features: Type Providers and LINQ queries, which work together to help F# developers have great experiences working with Big Data. … Read more

F# IntelliSense Improvements in Visual Studio 11 Beta

IntelliSense is the identifier auto-completion facility in Visual Studio.  As a developer, IntelliSense is critical to my productivity, as it allows me to easily work with thousands of functions from different namespaces and classes without having to constantly leave the editor to consult API documentation.  In this blog post, I’ll show how the improvements to… Read more