F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

The Visual Studio F# team is excited to announce a preview release of F# 3.0 as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, announced on Tuesday at the //build/ conference. This preview is available now for all MSDN subscribers. The general release will be Friday at 10am PDT. The F# compiler will continue to… Read more

Announcing Visual F# Tools 3.1.1, with support for Desktop and Web express

Today we are excited to announce the availability of the Visual F# Tools 3.1.1, our first update release to Visual F#.  You can download the installer package here. Visual F# Tools 3.1.1 is a small, quick-deploying package that can be used to update current editions of Visual Studio 2013.  The package will update the compiler… Read more

Announcing a pre-release of F# 3.1 and the Visual F# tools in Visual Studio 2013

We are pleased to announce the availability of a preview release of version 3.1 of the F# language, with matching Visual F# tooling. These are included with the Visual Studio 2013 Preview Release announced at //BUILD/ and on Soma’s blog. F# as a language is both open source and available for cross-platform use through the… Read more

Announcing a preview of F# 4.0 and the Visual F# Tools in VS 2015

Today, we are happy to announce a pre-release of F# 4.0 and the latest Visual F# Tools, for Visual Studio 2015 Preview. F# development tools are included in the box with the VS 2015 Preview download, but these bits were branched for stabilization some time ago, and we have made significant progress since then. We… Read more

Announcing F# Tools for Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web!

  The F# team is excited to announce that F# Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web is now available! Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web (available here) is a free development environment that programmers can use to build projects such as ASP.NET applications and Windows Azure cloud services. This F# Tools release adds… Read more

Rethinking findstr with F# and Powershell

As a software engineer, I am frequently searching my projects’ source trees for various code snippets, or searching a collection of log files for a particular message, or some other type of text searching activity.  The traditional Windows utility for such things is findstr, but alas, it leaves much to be desired.  Among other things,… Read more

Getting Started with FSharp.Charting (was called FSharpChart)

[ Update: the latest version of the FSharp.Charting can now be found here. See the new documentation. Further information on the F# Community can be found at fsharp.org  ] Hi, I’m Keith Battocchi, and I’m working on making it easier to use F# for data-rich programming.  In my first blog post, I want to highlight some of… Read more

Writing F# Type Providers with the F# 3.0 Developer Preview – An Introductory Guide and Samples

A significant part of F# 3.0 support for F# Information Rich Programming is the F# Type Provider mechanism. An F# type provider is a component that provides types, properties, and methods for use in your program. For more information on F# 3.0 and the F# Type Provider mechanism, see What’s New for Visual F# in… Read more

An Update to the F# Microsoft Dynamics CRM Type Provider Sample

[ The CRM type provider sample is available as the FSharpx.TypeProviders.Xrm NuGet package, pat of the FSharpx community library. The namespace has changed from “Samples” to “FSharpx” The updates below are in the process of being transferred into FSharpx package ] Part 1 – The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Type Provider SamplePart 2 – The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Type Provider… Read more

Introducing Visual F# 3.0 Beta!

As announced on Jason Zander’s blog, Visual Studio 11 Beta is now available for download! The release includes the Beta version of F# 3.0, which introduces F# Information Rich Programming. We have some new F# features to announce in this Beta release, including portable library support, enhancements to type providers, improved IntelliSense, and an AnyCPU… Read more