Visual F#团队很高兴地宣布中国的CSDN博客正式成立

Visual F#团队很高兴地宣布中国的CSDN博客正式成立,我们的目的是为了方便中国的程序员更早、更快、更多的了解F#,并从F#的实际应用中受益。 最初,F#是Don Syme博士在微软剑桥研究院的一个研究项目,它继承自OCaml和C#和Python和Haskell语言。它是一种函数式的、面向对象的.NET编程语言,使用户能够编写简单的代码来解决复杂的问题。很多用户反映使用F#后代码量减少到原来的四分之一,并且程序的错误率大大减少。 我们的工作主要是翻译一些F#专家的博客,制作一系列F#的教程,以及介绍F#独有的功能和新特性。现在专家博客翻译工作正在进行中,我们将首先翻译F#创始人——Visual F# Team and Don Syme的博客。在将要推出的F#教程中,我们秉着由浅入深,由简入繁的理念向大家一一介绍F#的各个功能。   欢迎大家关注我们的博客,以便了解F#的最新动态。如果您有什么意见和建议,请随时联系我们(! 博客链接: Jack Hu and Andrew Xiao (some edits by Don Syme)… Read more

Updates to the August 2011 F# 2.0 Compiler Code Drop

As announced at the Microsoft Research 20th Anniversary event in Cambridge UK, we have updated the F# 2.0 compiler source code drop to include changes related to the web application. The code drop is the compiler2.0Aug2011.1 directory in the F# PowerPack. These changes allow you to compile the F# compiler as a browser-hosted (Silverlight… Read more

New Updates to FSharpChart!

We’ve previously blogged about FSharpChart, an F# library that makes it easy to use F# for information-rich programming. FSharpChart works well with the Interactive Window, helping you prototype your code quickly. We’re happy to announce an update to the library. Carl Nolan also has a guide on how to use FSharpChart within a WPF application. We… Read more

F# Article Featured on Soma’s Blog!

The VP of our Developer Division, S. Somasegar, has written a great blog entry on the new programming language technologies in Visual Studio 11. There is a great section on F# which really highlights the innovations that we continue to bring to the product. Check out his article, if you haven’t already, or read more… Read more

Writing F# Type Providers with the F# 3.0 Developer Preview – An Introductory Guide and Samples

A significant part of F# 3.0 support for F# Information Rich Programming is the F# Type Provider mechanism. An F# type provider is a component that provides types, properties, and methods for use in your program. For more information on F# 3.0 and the F# Type Provider mechanism, see What’s New for Visual F# in… Read more

F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

The Visual Studio F# team is excited to announce a preview release of F# 3.0 as part of the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, announced on Tuesday at the //build/ conference. This preview is available now for all MSDN subscribers. The general release will be Friday at 10am PDT. The F# compiler will continue to… Read more

Real-World F# Programming Articles now available on MSDN

The F# team is very excited to pass on the news that Tomas Petricek’s Real-World F# Programming Articles are now available on MSDN! Congratulations to Tomas, Keith, Yin and Gordon who have worked so hard on this. Here’s the chapter outline: Chapter I: Introducing Functional Programming This chapter explains the basic concepts behind functional programming… Read more

F# Console Application Template

Carl Nolan has posted another great online template:   If you are like me and often use console applications for a variety of purposes you would have found the F# template not much use (in fact a blank code file). As such I decided to put together a more complete Project Template that I could… Read more

Tail calls in F#

Introduction Several people have asked for more information on how tail calls behave in F#.  This blog post will answer many frequently asked questions about tail calls, including why tail calls are important, how to identify them, and how the compiler generates code for them. Why are tail calls important? In F#, it’s sometimes natural… Read more

A New MSDN Forum For All Topics Related to F# Programming

I’m glad to announce that we’ve activated an MSDN forum for all topics related to F#. We’re adding an MSDN form to the F# community mix because we know that a large proportion of the F# community strongly associate with the MSDN community and want F# to have a high presence amongst MSDN developers. Many… Read more