HowTo: Display a different image inside a data view web part based on data in the XML

I have a Data View Web Part that displays the status of several different servers I maintain.  Basically, I am using a SharePoint list.  The List has a Title field which contains the name of each server and a multiple choice field that lets me set the status to “UP,” “DOWN,” or “CAUTION.” For each…


HowTo: Display data from one SharePoint site on another

I get asked this one a lot, and thought I had blogged it but it looks like I didn’t.  The general user scenario is where you have a parent site (http://myserver) that contains a list of information that is relevant to a bunch of subsites (http://myserver/subsite) and you want to display the data from the…

HowTo: Show the Attachments to a list item using the Data View Web Part and Web Services

Windows SharePoint Services ships with some really powerful web services that allow users to access list and site information not available through other means.  FrontPage 2003 allows users to access these web services in a very straight forward manner, populating all of the query fields dynamically so that little or no knowledge of SOAP is…

Howto: Use a form web part to filter or show all values in a data view web part

On a new page insert a few of the Announcements list Insert a Form Web Part Change the input type of the Form to be a drop-down field and add some values: All 1 2 Place the cursor into the Data View you created in Step 1 and click on Table..Select > Row Click on…


HOWTO: Fire a connection from the Drop-down view style of the Data View Web Part

1. Insert two Data Views of your data. 2. Select one of the Data Views, choose Style from the Data View Details taskpane. 3. Choose the drop-down box style from the list of styles, click OK. 4. Right click this Data View, choose Web Part connections. 5. Connect to the other Data View as you…


Howto: Display the total number of items in a Data View when that view is paged

If you have a DVWP and you want to make it page (so you show only 6 items at a time, for example), by default FrontPage does not add the Total number of items to display. In order to show the total, you just need to add a small piece of XSLT to the Data View….

Howto: Create a Data View Web Part as a dropdown menu linking directly to the Dispform.aspx page

Here is a howto article for making a dropdown view that links to the proper WSS page for display.For the Announcements list as an example:1. Insert a view of the Announcements list in FrontPage2. Data..Style3. From the General tab, select the Drop down view style4. Switch to code view5. Find the following code:<select name=”ID” size=”1″>6….


Howto: Display the Username for the Logged on user on a page

This is one of my favorites.  I want my site to say, “Hello, John Jansen, welcome to this site“ or whatever.  But since you can’t author server-side code with SharePoint sites, there is no evident way to do this.  The way I get around this limitation is to code XSLT and make it do what I…


Howto: Select only unique values in the XSLT Data View Web Part

A lot of times you will want to display only unique values inside the Data View.  What I have here is a variation of the Muenchian Method using an <xsl:key>.  Check out for a few variations on this. First, browse out to your Announcements list (which you get by default when you create a SharePoint…


Howto: Convert a URL field into the two components of the URL (description and link)

When you create a field of type URL in SharePoint, users need to fill out two form fields: “Link” and “Description”.  When the Data View Web Part requests this field value, it gets back the full String value as concatenated by SharePoint.  In order to make any use out of this String at all, you…