FrontPage + SharePoint == winner

Ok, we promise to deliver you meat at FrontPoint, but sometimes a little garnish shows up too. CRN magazine just picked FrontPage+SharePoint as a “channels champion” winner in the intranet tools category. Neat. .: rob


How to articles

I just created a section for how to articles and posted two simple examples of using FrontPage and WSS together.  The first is how to just insert a Data View Web Part to begin with, and the second is how to format one of the data values to be a hyperlink. Hope they are helpful. -J

HowTo: Insert an XSLT Data View Web Part

The XSLT Data View Web Part allows you to insert a view of any XML data source and then format that view however you want using FrontPage’s WYSIWYG tools, or hand-coding the XSLT yourself. You can use XML Web Services, databases, XML files, server-side scripts, or SharePoint lists and doc libraries.  For the purposes of…


HowTo: Create a dynamic hyperlink in an XML data view

Inside the Data View Web Part, hyperlinks can be populated with data from the data source. Doing so is really easy, but is unfortunately a little bit difficult to discover.  1. Insert a Data View Web Part based on your data source2. Select any of the data values displayed in the Data View3. Choose Insert4….


John Jansen

I like data.  I come to FrontPage with the experience of having taught English (moved the class to be entirely online back in 1999 using FrontPage 98 and PageMill 2.0), maintained an Access database of properties for a real estate company, and supported FrontPage 2000 and 2002. I moved to the Test team at the…


Welcome to FrontPoint

FrontPoint is a blog written by folks from the dev/pm/test teams who create FrontPage. We’re here to discuss the many cool things that can be done using FrontPage with SharePoint web sites. We’re also here to talk about the neat stuff that can be done with FrontPage in general for building web sites, but there will…