Serge van den Oever

I just came across Serge's Blog last night and wanted to link to it, but also wanted to get some feedback. I've been working on documenting all the DDWRT functions the come with the DataViewWebPart, when much to my surprise, Serge had already a good job of it himself.

I was hoping to get some feedback about whether this information is useful, high priority, necessary...any comments at all.



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  1. John, thanks for this post! I would be very interested on any information you could add to my (incomplete) story. Information I would be really interesting in would be:

    – Usage of javascript in the DVWP xslt code

    – Adding custom XSLT extension objects like DDWRT. Worked on this for hours and hours and hours, even trying techniques like AOP (using Aspect#) and RAIL (Runtime Assembly Instrumentation Library). Never got this working…

    – Usage of <xsl:include> in DVWP xslt, could not get this working (was trying this yesterday). For example for common definitions/templates to be used in multiple DVWP’s

    – More information on the data-retrieval possibilities of DVWP’s

    – How are views/listforms transformed from CAML to XSLT (see also

    – Information of deployment of DVWP’s in site and list templates

    – Information on the way FrontPage merges web parts into page on load, and extracts them on save and how we could do this trick from our own code. Wouldd make it possible to "apply" pages to existing lists. Currently working on this…

    If you give me some pointers I’m happy to work out some stuff..

  2. You should get out more, John.

    It’s been listed in the Non-MS Articles section of the wss FAQ sites since the day it came out 3rd jan 2005)

  3. John Jansen says:

    I agree. I should get out more… 🙂

  4. I would love to see more on this!

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