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Not SharePoint authoring per se, but here’s a good article on MSDN about using FrontPage 2003 to write pages. The article is written by Dave Berry author of FrontPage Unleashed books and one of the FP MVPs who I recently met when they came to Seattle a few weeks ago.


That reminds me; I've been meaning to point to this article about creating data-driven sites with FP2003. It's a great overview of new data features, and a good place to start if you are not sure where to begin with data views.


[edited 5/6/04]  Note the above article has been around for a while (since October I think), and is called, “Building XML Data-driven sites with FrontPage 2003“. If you've been following data features in FP2003 since launch, you may have already seens this.


.: rob

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Re: ASP.Net with FrontPage 2003

    This is new but is it relevant for SharePoint?

    Re: creating data-driven sites with FP2003

    Actually "Building XML Data-Driven Web Sites with FrontPage 2003"

    This is old, very old, and giving it a different name in the link gave the impression it was something different (and new).

  2. John Jansen says:

    Hi Mike,

    1. It is relevant for this blog, which (granted) is about FrontPage with a focus on SharePoint but (quoting from our introduction): "We’re also here to talk about the neat stuff that can be done with FrontPage in general for building web sites."

    2. Not sure what you mean. It was written for FrontPage 2003 and contains "a great overview of new data features."

  3. Rob Mauceri says:

    Mike – you’re right, that article was written a while ago, I should have said so when I posted it. I thought it might be new information to many of the people who visit this blog. Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback; it helps us build a more useful blog.

    .: rob

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Thanks for the addition to the blog item. It’s certainly valid in a new blog to refer to good articles from the past (as this is a good one) but giving the right name and rough date does save those of use who have already seen it some time so this addition to your text is perfect.

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