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I like data.  I come to FrontPage with the experience of having taught English (moved the class to be entirely online back in 1999 using FrontPage 98 and PageMill 2.0), maintained an Access database of properties for a real estate company, and supported FrontPage 2000 and 2002. I moved to the Test team at the beginning of the dev cycle for FrontPage 2003 and own testing the Data View Web Part.

I like beer.  I come to Seattle with the experience of having drank Bud and Coors (Colorado had a 3.2% liquor law so when I was 18 it was legal for me to drink beer - whoo hoo), moved up to Miller, and mixed in some gin and tonic.  I moved to Guinness shortly after discovering what good beer is and now keep a beer-fridge in my office.

I like hockey.  Nuff said.  Go Avalanche.



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  1. abajo says:


    I am having a problem creating a data view web part that connects to database on a second SQL server? Everything works fine until I view the web part page from another client machine, then I get the following error message. “An error occurred while processing the data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more information.”

    Steps taken:

    1. Created a web parts page on our wss site (test.aspx).

    2. Opened the page in FP2003.

    3. Created a database connection to a SQL server located in our department (not the SQL server hosting the wss site) by selecting “Insert a Data View” in FP.

    4. Selected two fields from the data source and clicked on the “Insert Data View” in the “Work with Data” category.

    5. This created a list within the web part.

    6. Saved the page in FP.

    7. Navigated to the page using IE on the same machine that I created the DVWP.

    8. Page loads correctly and I click on the next button to see the next ten items in the list). Still working fine.

    9. Go to another computer in my office and navigate to the same page. This time, the page loads fine and I can see the ten items in the list, but as soon as I click on the next button to see additional items I get the error: “An error occurred while processing the data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more information.”

    10. Sometimes the page never loads and all I get is the error.

    Yes, the SQL server that I’m connection hopping to as well as the wss SQL both have windows integrated security and both are setup with the correct permissions for our domain users. One thing that I don’t understand is that I’m able to connect to the same database via the office datasheet web part w/out any problems.

    I have tried this on two different SharePoint sites with the same results. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help,


  2. John Jansen says:

    There are a few things here.

    #1. If you are using SPROCs or ‘views’ created in SQL, then paging won’t work. However, since it works in some cases and not others, I guess you are not using a view.

    #2. If it sometimes shows up in the second machine, then it is not a permissions issue.

    #3. The only thing left that I can think of is network latency issues. Meaning, that when you click next, or even browse to the page sometimes, the network is too slow and the web part throws an error.

    I’ve never seen this happen. If #8 above works and #10 happens, you are in a relatively strange state.

  3. John Jansen says:

    I looked into this somemore and I know what is going on. You are seeing cached data when you view from the other machine in your office, so in actuality, this never works except when you browse from the machine with the SQL server.

    So this also means (I believe) you are using Windows Authentication, which should not be used due to what is called "double-hop" authentication. You need to include the username and password in your query using the Connection wizard in FrontPage. That should take care of it for you.


  4. Sonny says:

    This problem occurs because views that are created in Microsoft SQL do not have primary keys defined by default, and the paging function requires a primary key.

  5. John Jansen says:

    That is what I said in #1 above. However, since #10 is also true (meaning sometimes the data doesn’t load at all), I don’t believe that in this case abajo is using "Views".

    The only logical explanation is that perUser cacheing is enabled. On his desktop it works because he is logged on as himself and accessing the SQL data locally. Then sometimes he will browse from a different machine, since perUser cacheing is on, he sees the cached data, but when he clicks "Next" the cache is invalid and he sees the error.

    And from other machines, the cache has already timed out, so he doesn’t see the data from those machines at all.

    Logically, this is the only explanation that covers all cases; if it were only the ‘clicking next’ issue, then I would agree with you – and that may ALSO be happening here as well.


  6. Dave Tucker says:

    We are going through some stress testing with our application built on the Dataview web part and are seeing some fairly frequent errors with the dataview where the page comes back and renders the following message for the dataview content:

    An error occurred while processing the data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more information.

    We have done quite a bit of tracing and it appears that the web service the dataview is calling is returning a valid XML response to the dataview, and often if we go back and referesh the page the dataview will then work again.

    Wondering if there is anything known about this problem.

    There isn’t anything in the server evenlog – so wondering if there is any other diagnostic info available for the Dataview.

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