Windows Azure Traffic Manager CTP is live

In time for MIX’11, Windows Azure is unveiling the Windows Azure Traffic Manager Community Technology Preview (CTP). This feature will allow Windows Azure customers to more easily balance application performance across multiple geographies. Using policy management you will be able to route some traffic to a hosted service in one region, and route another portion…


Changed Limit on the Number of Applications Per Windows Azure Subscription

When Windows Azure was launched commercially in February 2009, customers were allowed to deploy twenty applications (aka hosted services) per subscription. Each application in Windows Azure is mapped to a specific DNS name and assigned a public IP address from the Windows Azure IP range. After analyzing typical usage patterns, it was decided to lower…


Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ Beta has ended

Since the Windows Azure paid access launch on January 4th, the home page of the Silverlight Streaming admin web site has been updated as follows: The Microsoft Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live beta has now ended. Content that was hosted on the beta is no longer available. For Silverlight application deployment and video hosting, you…


Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ Beta is ending

Note: Throughout this post, I’ll refer to Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ simply as “SLS”. As per my previous post about the SLS service going away now that the Windows Azure platform is available commercially, we are entering Stage 2 of the SLS grandfathering phase. The SLS home page has been overhauled this afternoon…


Tokens are no longer issued for Windows Azure™

If you were part of the Windows Azure CTP program, you should have received a couple of emails in December 2009 and January 2010 announcing the end of the CTP program as well as the necessary steps to convert your CTP subscription into a commercial subscription, if you chose to do so. In summary, for…


How-to: Step-by-step instructions on Windows Azure Blob Storage and retrieving content from Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live

Here is a greatly detailed how-to guide from David Sayed about retrieving your information from Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live and putting it in a Windows Azure blob storage. This should allow you to continue to serve content out of the Microsoft Content Delivery Network (CDN) before SLS is decommissioned. Main post: Current table…


More on Windows Azure quotas

Here is another good reference from Metodi on the Windows Azure quotas. Lots of details.


Storage Quotas and Core Allocation on Windows Azure

This has been documented as part of other posts (cf. footnote #1), here it is presented in FAQ format, focusing on the quotas and core allocation. What is the quota for storing data within Windows Azure storage? For a given subscription, during the CTP, each token grants you 2 storage accounts, and each storage account…


New role instance allocation

Since we launched the Windows Azure CTP last year up until yesterday, a regular Windows Azure token would grant you the following Windows Azure assets: 2 storage accounts 1 hosted service with 2 deployment slots, each with up to 5 roles (any combination of web or worker roles), each with up to 2 instances, which…


Windows Azure Storage Made Easy

There are three tools that came up on my radar that allow to manipulate your Windows Azure storage quite easily and intuitively. The first one, which I have been using for a while is called Cloud Storage Studio from Cerebrata Software, and I like it a lot. It has a slick and intuitive UI from…