Making sure one’s site is compatible with Internet Explorer 11

I have seen a couple of support calls recently that seem to center on various customer websites that are not working well (or at all) with Internet Explorer 11. The issues are mostly centered on functionality available on the site’s pages that works well in Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode or in other…


HTTPREPLAY 2.1 released with IE11 support

A new release of HTTPREPLAY/ STRACE is now available at the following location: This new release adds compatibility for IE11 on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. I’m strongly encouraging everybody to use this version since it contains all the latest and coolest features (HTTP/HTTPS tracing, Fiddler support, convert trace to Wireshark (*.CAP) trace…etc). Since…


IISRESET internals

  I recently worked on an incident dealing with IIS6/Windows 2003 and IISRESET failing on the 1st attempt with the following error: “Restart attempt failed. Access Denied”.The strange thing is that running IISRESET a second time was working with no issue. I’m not going to start a long discussion on the supportability of using IISRESET…


Working with ScriptManager and AddHistoryPoint on Master Pages with WebForms

While working on my bookmarking site (, I came up against the following problem: how to make Ajax search pages be persistent even after the user navigates away from them, and then comes back. To illustrate this example, go to and then search for something like – then click on a search result….


Uploading large file to IIS 7.5 or 8 using file input element

I’ve recently worked on a very interesting file upload issue where my customer was hitting a 2 GB upload limit using Internet Explorer, IIS 7.5 and a simple file upload form with a file input element.After doing some research and a couple of tests, I was able to build a simple “POC” project showing how…


IIS 7/7.5 et la génération d’un log Handle suite à une erreur 500 provoquée par un lock que personne ne semble détenir

Au cours d’un incident, nous avions un lock qui générait une erreur 500 alors que personne ne semblait détenir ce lock. Pour investiguer ce problème il nous a fallu automatiser la génération d’un log Handle sur un fichier spécifique. En théorie, cela est fort simple. Le lock provocant une erreur 500, je n’avais qu’à me…


Cannot complete the installation of a certificate on IIS. Error "The signature of the certificate cannot be verified" 0x80096004

J’ai récemment travaillé sur un problème d’installation d’un certificat Web Serveur dans IIS qui produisait l’erreur “la signature du certificat n’a pas pu être vérifiée”.De prime abord le certificat racine semblait être correctement installé et l’interface CertMgr ne montrait pas de problème particulier.Après une inspection plus minutieuse nous nous sommes aperçus que le client avait au…


When wrong permissions affect cipher being used for TLS connection

The information from this blog POST has been compiled with the help of the following engineers: Daniel JUE – SNCF Mathieu CLAUDEL – KNS Marc BOUCHARD – Microsoft Corporation I recently worked on an interesting SSL issue which manifests itself by the inability to negotiate a TLS connection using RSA with 2048 bits key exchange…


ASP.NET Authentication test page

The information contained in this blog POST has been compiled with the help of the following engineers: Alexandre Lafargue – Microsoft To troubleshoot authentication issues, it’s generally a good idea to use a test page in order to display the current authentication method / identity used for a specific client. In our team’s blog “Things…