HTTPREPLAY 2.1 released with IE11 support

A new release of HTTPREPLAY/ STRACE is now available at the following location:

This new release adds compatibility for IE11 on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. I'm strongly encouraging everybody to use this version since it contains all the latest and coolest features (HTTP/HTTPS tracing, Fiddler support, convert trace to Wireshark (*.CAP) trace…etc).

Since first release, HTTPREPLAY/ STRACE has been available is various locations:

HTTPREPLAY v2 on microsoft.Com - 2/4/2013
HTTREPLAY/STRACE ZIP package - 8/10/2010

HTTPREPLAY v1 on - 4/10/2009
STRACE v1 on - 9/15/2009

A couple of folks have also blogged about the tool:

Introduction to STRACE/HTTPREPLAY support tools - 4 Jun 2007
Using STRACE and HTTPREPLAY with Firefox - 19 Dec 2007
Examinando tráfico HTTPS - 16 Apr 2008 (Spanish)
Mise à jour STRACE / HTTPREPLAY (French) - 10 Dec 2008
Using STRACE / HTTPREPLAY (Japaneese) - 25 May 2009
Introduction to STRACE (German) - 8 Jun 2010
Introduction to HTTPREPLAY (German)- 8 Jun 2010
How to use Fiddler and HTTP replay to have an offline copy of your site - 22 Jun 2010
New features recently implemented in HTTPREPLAY - 10 Aug 2010 -
Troubleshoot EWS errors in the Lync client with STRACE/HTTPREPLAY - 15 June 2012

I hope you are still enjoying to use the tool & Happy tracing!


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