Debug Diagnostic 2 : Generate a manual hang dump for all processes owned by IIS

[Updated on Dec. 18th 2017]

Currently the latest version of Debug Diagnostic is Version 2 update 2, which can be downloaded here :

(Note : both 64bit and 32bit versions are available in this link, please download the one matching your machine.)

This version includes 2 components : Debugdiag 2 Collection and Debugdiag 2 Analysis.

Debugdiag 2 Collection is used to capture dumps, and Debugdiag 2 Analysis is used to generate automatic report.

This article will detail the action plan you can implement to generate a manual hang dump using Debug Diagnostic for every processes owned by IIS.

This action plan can be applied when your W3WP.exe process or your application is hanged and that you are quickly aware of the situation to generate a dump yourself before the issue is gone. A hang of a process means the application is no longer responding with a normal execution time or is even not responding at all but the process is not crashing. This means there is no stop or restart of the process and you won't see any change to the Process ID.

Action Plan

  • Run "Debugdiag 2 Collection" on the concerned machine
  • The wizard "Select Rule Type" is displayed
  • Click on "Cancel"

  • To generate dumps :
    • Click on "Tools" > "Create IIS/COM+ Hang Dump"
    • Don't hesitate to access slow pages before and during the dump generation

  • Select "Yes" in the Debug Diagnostic Tool window

  • Once the dump is complete, click on "OK"

The dumps are located by default in "C:\Program Files\DebugDiag\Logs\Misc".
This location can be modified by using the "Tools > Options and Settings…" menu, via the field "Manuel Userdump Save Folder".

We hope this article will help you out.
See you soon.
Sylvain Lecerf and the French IIS Microsoft Support Team

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