Disabling TLS 1.0 on your Windows 2008 R2 server – just because you still have one

Windows 2008 R2 server is a very popular distribution of Windows that has been used time and time again to power servers running ASP.net websites – either on the Internet or on Intranets. Although this Windows version has somewhat aged from 8 years ago, I still tend to see quite a lot of these installs…


Debugging your custom FTP authentication provider module

If you are reading this article, I will make the assumption that you already know that in Microsoft FTP server that comes with IIS 7.5 or above, you have three possibilities for authentication: Anonymous: you let all users in without requiring credentials from their side Basic Authentication: users have to provide a username and password…


Application pool gets recycled due to anti-virus?

It’s not the first time that I heard of my customers complaining about their anti-virus: after a certain activity (such as a regular scanning for system files), their application pools get restarted automatically. When this issue happens, some customers are seeing the following event in System Event Log: Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-WAS Date: XXXX…


ASP.net segment heap sizes – or how much virtual memory my web-app will need

Many a times, customers come to me saying they have a feeling that their ASP.net application takes up more memory then it did before, especially if they are migrating from the .Net 2.0 Runtime to the .Net 4.0 Runtime and from a 32 bit architecture to a 64 bit architecture. Some time ago, I wrote…


User Controls, Update Panels and JQuery scripts all working together happily.

While working on implementing new functionality on my online favorites manager (www.linqto.me) which I encourage everyone to check out, I came across the following problem: Given a UserControl, I would like to have an UpdatePanel that would refresh some of the HTML that was generated by user control on the pages it is used on….


Azure Black IPs – getting started video

This week, together with my colleague Emmanuel, we released a Nuget package called Azure Black IPs that would allow you to track IP addresses that send requests that trigger the ASP.net validation for your websites. Here is a quick video of how to install and get started with the Azure Black IPs Nuget pakage: To…


Azure Black IPs Intro

What is the Azure Black IPs Nuget Package. In a previous post on our blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/friis/archive/2014/04/25/easily-detect-and-block-malicious-http-requests-targeting-iis-asp-net-using-blackips.aspx) we have discussed how we could go about detecting and blocking malicious input to an ASP.net website. We have taken this concept a step further with the v2.0 of the tool that is now available on Nuget. This module…


PowerShell – Comment éviter le prompt d’UAC pour automatiser l’exécution d’un script

L’un de mes clients a récemment soulevé le fait qu’il ne pouvait pas exécuter un script PowerShell automatiquement car le script nécessitait une élévation de privilège (via un prompt UAC) ce qui bloquait l’exécution du script.Bien entendu, la désactivation d’UAC n’était pas envisageable. En effectuant quelques recherches, je suis tombé sur l’article de blog suivant :http://blogs.technet.com/b/benshy/archive/2012/06/04/using-a-powershell-script-to-run-as-a-different-user-amp-elevate-the-process.aspx…


Perfmon : IIS / ASP.NET

Une question qui revient régulièrement dans notre équipe concerne les compteurs de performance à mettre en place pour s’assurer qu’à la fois IIS et les application(s) ASP.NET fonctionnent bien. Cependant, comme chaque application, et donc chaque serveur IIS, vont se comporter différemment en fonction de ce qui sera exécuté, il est évident que le seuil…


Perfmon & IIS / ASP.NET

One regular question posed to our team deals with the performance counters set-up to ensure IIS and ASP.Net application(s) are working properly. However, as every web-application and hence every IIS Server, will behave differently depending on what will be executed, obviously the threshold for which performance will be impacted will vary a lot. Thus it’s…