Goofing around with TypeScript & Windows Script Host

I've been horsing around a lot lately with Windows Script Host for various reasons, some more interesting than others.  I've actually done a bunch of random things to make it much more palatable under Visual Studio 2012:  perhaps I'll share some of that goofy magic later, but for right now I'm now trying out TypeScript, because I'm a firm believer in compile time errors finding lots of runtime problems, and I figured I'd toss some wrappers (d.ts files) I've created to make using stuff with WScript/CScript better onto my blog.  It's pretty raw, only having received minimal testing, but it's helped a bit, so I figured I'd share.  Enjoy!


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  1. Igor Dvorkin says:

    TypeScript rocks! Please post code on github/bitbucket/codeplex so I can browse it easily 🙂

  2. Kevin Frei says:

    I dumped this thing on CodePlex just for you, Igor:


  3. JuanRod says:

    Yes, please share 🙂

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