Turning off comments for a while…

The spam bots have been causing me all sorts of trouble - I had over 1000 messages informing me that some spam has been deleted over the weekend.  I'm going to kill comments, and hope that in a few months, (after I get a chance to write up something of value), the spam bots will have stopped attempting to comment on my blog.  In the mean time, if you want to ask me a question, my email address is the title of my blog [freik] except my first initial comes _before_ my last name] at m1cr0s0ft.c0m, except everything is spelled properly, with i's and o's instead of 0's and 1's :-).  I always try to reply to reasonable questions [note:  asking me to troubleshoot software from a competitor and getting upset or insulting when I'm unable to help is _not_ reasonable], but I'll be operating from a very different timezone for a few months, so turn around may be different from what you would expect.


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