Visual C++ Code Gen & Tools bugs

My role for the past 6 months (and the next several) I'm charged with effectively "going down with the ship" WRT the current generation of code gen & tools for Visual C++.  This includes the linker, Masm, ml64, DIA, c2, pdb, and a few other miscellaneous components.  The entire ball of wax is to be replaced with components from a product with the much overused codename of Phoenix over the next few product cycles.  I have a skeleton crew [trust me on this one] to do the work, and I get to manage them.  As the lead of the bunch, I wind up making many less than pleasant calls of 'won't fix'ing a bugs that, in a previous product cycle, would have been fixed in a heart-beat.  I'm going to start blogging about each & every customer bug that I mark as "Won't Fix" simply to keep a public list of what not to do until the toolset is replaced.
I'm not sure how acceptable this is, but unless my management smacks me, I'm going to keep doing this for the next many months.  The next entry is the first of many...

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