64 bit Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Drivers!

I tried out Windows Vista 64 on a machine for a while, but had need of a more stable system (I generally wait to self-host on OS'es until Beta 2).  So I reinstalled XP64, and on a lark, checked.  What do you know: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware has 64 bit drivers.  I've since installed them on my home system, too, and love my Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with it's normal key layout, plus the nice additions of =, (, and ) near the numeric pad 🙂


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  1. tzagotta says:

    As a longtime user of MS ergonomic keyboards, I’ve been really disappointed with MS hardware’s decision to make ergonomic and wireless mutually exclusive.

    Finally, after delaying purchase for a couple years, I gave up my MS Natural keyboard in favor of a "straight" keyboard that is wireless.

    I just could not stand the tether any more!

    But I do miss the ergonomics. Hopefully MS hardware will come around soon.

  2. tzagotta says:

    That one doesn’t have a laser mouse. Having used a laser mouse, there’s no going back.

  3. Rune says:

    I’m impressed, the drivers are finally here!

    We bought no less than five of the new Natural 4000 keyboards, and mine is the only one left in use. The ‘A’ key is "sticky" on all of them and I’m the only one with enough muscles in my pinky finger to press the darn thing… (They’ve reduced the size of the A key so there’s less travel or something — it just feels wierd)

    Aside from that issue, the 4000 is a work of art. Well, the function key are grouped in a weird fashion, but atleast I can find the Home and End keys again. 🙂


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