Useful DosKey + Command window titles

Mark got me mucking with my doskey macros again, and between the two of us came up with a fairly elegant mechanism that keeps the title of a command line reflecting the current directory you're in:

First, you need a little script turd that does this:


I named that script 'ttl.cmd' and stick it in my %SCRIPTS% directory.  Then, my doskey macro file that I run for command windows that I open contains this:

cd..=%SCRIPTS%\ttl cd ..
cd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl cd /D $*
pushd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl pushd $*
popd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl popd $*
a:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl a:
b:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl b:
c:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl c:
d:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl d:
e:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl e:
f:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl f:
g:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl g:
h:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl h:
i:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl i:
j:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl j:
k:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl k:
l:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl l:
m:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl m:
n:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl n:
o:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl o:
p:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl p:
q:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl q:
r:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl r:
s:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl s:
t:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl t:
u:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl u:
v:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl v:
w:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl w:
x:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl x:
y:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl y:
z:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl z:

And now you get the command window title to track the directory that you're currently located in. The only gotcha is that you can't do <space>cd foo because that prevents doskey macros from running.


Comments (5)

  1. This is great.

    We should also mention that, if something goes awry, you can always just run ttl.cmd manually to fix things (assuming %SCRIPTS% is in your path).

  2. Tony says:


    Do known if there is any public documentation regarding "@" usage? I couldn’t find any using searches. Thanks.

  3. Kevin Frei says:

    @ is basically a way to prevent the command from echoing, even if echo is on. I can’t find any docs on it in the help…

  4. John says:

    Regarding @, invoke the help:


    Find the help for the ‘echo’ command. See the Remarks.

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