64bit ATI drivers for EMachines laptops

Mike Wall, a very bright guy from AMD, just forwarded this to me.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to put it here:

If anyone has an Athlon 64 Emachines M6805, M6809, M6811 notebook and you’re running 64-bit Windows, here is how to get the ATI graphic driver to work properly:

http://www.notebookforums.com/showthread.php?t=74785 (thanks to an AMD Forum user for posting the link)

I used this procedure with the brand new Catalyst 5.7 x64 driver from the ATI web site, and it works great!  After patching the .inf file and installing the driver, I could then install the Control Panel (note: that’s Control Panel, not Catalyst Control Center) and it enabled PowerPlay, SmartGart, and the other ATI features.  And the notebook now supports the native 1280×800 rez, and it gets all the nice performance enhancements and bug fixes ATI implemented in the latest driver.

FINALLY a fully working graphic driver for this fine notebook!


Mike Wall

Comments (3)

  1. Monica Lewinsky says:

    the link in your blog is busted… it has extra goo at the beginning. The actual URL is just http://www.notebookforums.com/showthread.php?t=74785

  2. Kevin Frei says:

    Thanks, Monica, I’ll fix that. I never knew you were a x64 kind of girl. Perhaps you just heard that it was called ‘long mode’?

  3. Monica Lewinsky says:

    Watch it Kevin, I’m wearing that blue dress…

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