x64 RTM’ed yesterday!

I just had to write something.  The x64 OS RTM'ed last night.  I'm upgrading all my machines to it today.  It's been a long haul, and I'm quite happy that it's finally out the door.
Now I'm just trying to find an article that discusses it for more than 1 sentence.  Everyone talks about Win2K3 SP1, which is fine, and all, but the x64 version of this thing is brand-spanking-new, and there's almost nothing talking about it!  Anyway, I'm just happy that the OS is out there.  Whidbey Beta2 is coming in a couple weeks.  The combination of the two is a spectacular developer workstation:  You have the ability to develop & test 32 & 64 bit apps on the same system.  I love this thing!

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  1. David Betz says:

    Which? Server or XP? I’m more interested in XP.

  2. Whidbey Beta 2 in a couple of weeks? Any chance of a more specific date? 🙂

  3. kevin Frei says:

    Both. WinXP Pro for x64 is based on Win2003 source code, with all the XP Pro bells & whistles. I’m writing this right now from XP Pro x64 🙂

  4. Kevin Frei says:

    Beta2 is now in the "Holy crap, if we don’t fix this, you computer might light on fire, there by killing all occupants in the house" bug fix phase. There are only so many bugs that meet that bar (hopefully :-). Soon – very soon.

  5. Patrick Au says:

    Any issue with running VS 2005 on Server 2003 x64 ?

  6. Kevin Frei says:

    Nope – I’ve run Whidbey on all flavors of the x64 OS – Pro, Server, Enterprise Server. They all work fine. If you’re trying to do 32 bit web server development, there are a couple of weird hoops you have to jump through, because IIS is 64 bit, but I’ve heard it’s pretty straight forward…

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