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Personal life & professional life all went crazy all at once - fun fun fun.  I'm back, since my new house is mostly unpacked, and I've been getting my computer system(s) set back up.
So, I finally got around to installing Win64 on my home system (Dual Opteron 248 - Tyan Tiger mobo [Couldn't justify the cost for the Thunder]).  The best reason to do this:  Keep my kids nasty 16-bit software off of the machine 🙂  That, and this OS is supposed to be availble 'real soon now' so I figured I should use it at home, too.  It'll probably bug my wife just enough to keep her on her machine [She's a Sims addict, and my Opterons will just go to waste driving that game - even The Sims 2 is really not pushing anything except perhaps her physical memory]  Oops - long tangent...
Microsoft just got the connection manager ported to Win64, so I can RAS to work [requires a smart card], and everything works like a charm!  I'm about to install Doom 3 and see how well that runs.  The official reason for this system was for video editing, but somehow, I squeezed a 6800GT video card in with it, so why not play Doom, right?  Anyway, I've already installed almost everything I use at home [codecs may be difficult - haven't done much, there yet].
My final missing piece:  an .iso image mounter.  I've been using the Daemon-Tools, but they install a driver, so it's got to be a 64 bit one.  I haven't had any luck yet.  I'll have to check the toolbox at Microsoft, and maybe search around on SourceForge for something that would be workable...
Anyway, I'm tired, and hope to have something that is slightly more relevant to say later.  I'm just happy to be using all 64 bits of my machine :-).  I'll have to start actually getting some of my 64-bit specific tweaks to various projects finished & cleaned up...

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  1. Carlos Beppler says:

    Have you ever tried this one:

    Ok it has a driver too, but it is open source and has versions to 32 and 64 bits.

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