devpreview builds now also available on the Docker Hub

Saturday we posted all NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 public builds to the Docker Hub.

Today the October update of the developer preview is also on the Docker Hub to run locally, meaning that you now can choose between two options for the developer preview.

  1. (Azure VM with NAV on Docker inside)
  2. docker run microsoft/dynamics-nav:devpreview-finus

The Image Tags available are found on the Docker Hub:

Why so many tags?

There are only 5 images - why so many tags?

The images are really just following the tag strategy laid out here:

  • [version[-cu][-country]]


  • Version is devpreview - if you omit version you will get 2017 which is the newest released version
  • cu is october (omit to get newest)
  • country is w1, finus, finca, fingb, findk (omit to get w1)


  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:devpreview-finus gives you the latest devpreview with financials US localization.
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:devpreview-october-findk gives you the october release of devpreview with financials DK localization.
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav:devpreview gives you the latest devpreview with W1 localization
  • docker pull microsoft/dynamics-nav still gives you NAV 2017 latest CU, w1 localization

So the number of tags is really to be able to always address a specific image and also have a way of always asking for the latest.

Where do I find the AL Extensions for VS Code

You can grab it from the container, then you know it is the right version, which matches the version of the service tier inside the container:

You will also find the values to use for Development server and Development ServerInstance in launch.json right above the .vsix file.



Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

Comments (3)
  1. Julian says:

    Hi Freddy,

    Great blog and very helpful information!

    One question: is it already supported to update the Container inside the Azure VM? We already did some work there that we would like to avoid but we still need to use the most current dev-preview.

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. FreddyDK says:

      Yes, you can open the Nav Container Helper powershell prompt and use

      Update-module navcontainerhelper -force
      (to update the navcontainerhelper to the latest version – and then restart the prompt)


      docker pull
      Replace-NavServerContainer -imageName

      Should do the trick.

      Note that the navserver container will be deleted (incl. everything in it) and re-created.

  2. Rafael says:

    Hi Freddy,

    is there a way to get my developer license into the Container? Or more precisely: what do I have to do to get an old Dev Environment to connect with the database inside the Container?

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