My New Blog

I’m blogging again, seriously this time. Since I wanted to do some customization to my site, I decided to set up my own WordPress blog domain. You can find my latest blog entries at: or update your RSS feed to point to:


Cloud Computing for ICT4D

It has been almost two years since I blogged my last entry, and lots of changes have taken place: I’ve taken on a different role in the Microsoft consulting services organization and had the opportunities to do some really interesting work in emerging markets. you’ll notice that many links to diagrams and photos in my…


Application Marketplaces and the Money Trail

This paper describes the forces behind long tail software economics and the architecture of application marketplaces. In addition, the paper also explains the different roles and benefits of application marketplaces to ISVs, hosters, VARs and enterprises. Enjoy.


An Application Marketplace Architecture for Commercializing Software and Services

Recently I’ve been thinking about the increasing attention being paid to application marketplaces. My current conclusion is that there is a strong linkage between application marketplaces and the 4 forces of long tail software I described in my previous post. I think with the right business strategy in place, the economic potentials of the long…


The Forces of Long Tail Software and Services

Chris Anderson’s book on “the business of selling more of less” has enlightened people’s thinking about current market economics where modern day technology and the Internet has enabled long tail ecommerce to flourish. For this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to examine how the forces in his book can be applied to…


The SaaSy Tale of Martians and Venusians

Our latest paper is an attempt to match-make software vendors and hosters. The paper explains why their futures are dependent on each other, what they can expect from one another, and how they can have a congenial marriage together. Happy reading!


Going After the Long Tail? Think Channel as a Service (CaaS)

Charles Fitzgerald recently posted an article on the elusive long tail market. The article mentioned some interesting stats on Salesforce’s top-heaviness – a small number of enterprise customers account for more than 40% of their user base. Which begs the question, if the long tail is why software vendors are rushing to embrace SaaS, where…


Interview with .NET Rocks

I spoke with Carl and Richard at .NET Rocks earlier this year. Click on the .NET Rocks image below to hear the recording:


Implications of Self-, Outsourced- and OEM-Hosting

The last couple of month I’ve been talking to many software vendors in China and Singapore and the topic of SaaS hosting is a recurring pain point highlighted by those I met. More often than not, my attempt to reassure them that my architecture team in Redmond is now feverishly working on SaaS hosting architecture guidance does not…


SaaS in Innovation Celebration Event

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I landed in Beijing and began working with my colleagues in China. 2 weeks ago, I had the unanticipated opportunity to be involved in the organization of Imagination Festival – an event held at Beijing University celebrating the past, present and future of innovation in China. University students and high tech entrepreneurs…