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Here’s more video episodes of the Remend architecture case study I wrote about in my previous post: ARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend OverviewARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture OverviewARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend Architecture Drilldown on Workflow and ServicesARCast.TV – SaaS @ Work – Remend User ExperienceARCast TV – SaaS…


SaaS Application Architecture Case Study: Remend

Back in July this year, Armando Hernandez, a solutions architect from Remend contacted us after reading our SaaS blogs. We chatted over a conference call about what they were doing and the architecture challenges that they were going through while implementing the future version of their SaaS product. I immediately thought that they are one…


The Dual-Purpose Aggregator Platform

I learned a few interesting things about SaaS hosters and aggregators during a recent trip to Europe. One discovery is that the way current SaaS hosting business operates is joint at the hip with the SaaS aggregator business. In fact, it is hard to separate the two. More often than not, application providers are relying…


SaaS: An Enterprise Perspective

We have published a new paper. This is the paper some of us have been waiting to see for some time. (It is certainly one that I have been toiling over the last few months). In this paper, we explained what SaaS means to an enterprise from both the business and technical perspectives. From the…

Multi-tenancy and Virtualization

Multi-tenancy is hard work. Very often SaaS application will scale better if it is designed from the ground up to take care of multi-tenancy issues such as application customization and data security isolation, and adhering to the principle of minimizing hard-binding of runtime computing resources to specific tenants. However, re-implementing an application completely is not…


SaaSCon Reminiscing

I was co-presenting with Gianpaolo at SaaSCon last week. The event marked a highlight in my presentation career: we ran out of time and the organizer was running down the aisle trying to stop my presentation. I turned and saw the audience still frantically writing down notes of the slides that I’m rapidly flipping. I…


Defining the Software as a Service Continuum

Every now and then, I find myself having “passionate” discussions with colleagues and customers about the definition of software as a service. In such discussions, the deep geeks like to bring up implementation details like Web services vs. REST vs. AJAX etc. Then there are the folks who spend time “entertaining” C-level execs by talking about…


Podcast Preview of SaaSCon Session

Computerworld interviewed Gianpaolo and I on our SaaS architecture work. You can check out the preview to our SaasCon session here. Technorati Profile


Enterprise SaaS Customers: Are You Ready for the Two Headed Monster?

I have been pondering about the technical implications of SaaS for the enterprise. So far, I think the high order bit boils down to two things: integration and application composition of on-premise and in-the-cloud services. The integration and composite application mantra is by no means new pursuance instigated by enterprises adopting SaaS. What’s important to…


Multi-tenant Data Architecture Slide Deck Now Available

This is the companion slide deck for the multi-tenant data architecture paper we published recently. Single instance, multi-tenancy is the three-headed monster (scalability, configurability and multi-tenant efficiency) that haunts every SaaS ISVs. This slide deck presents techniques and strategies for taming that monster from the data perspective. Enjoy!