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End-to-end WordCloud using Rust, TypeScript, AngularJS 2, and timdream’s WordCloud

Word clouds are a very attractive way of visually representing the relative importance of words. At a glance you can guess how important a word is relative to the others in the cloud. We will build two components: A text parser that will calculate the relative weight of each word in a given text (we’ll… Read more

Spark and Zeppelin BI using Azure HDInsight with OpenData Lombardia datasets

Intro In the previous blog post (Azure Data Lake BI sample using Open Data Lombardia) we’ve shown how easy is to perform analytics using Microsoft Data Lake and U-SQL. An alternative to that is to use the Apache Spark engine ( on top of an HDInsight cluster. Spark on HDInsight is at the time of… Read more

Azure Data Lake BI sample using Open Data Lombardia

Azure Data Lake storage and Analytics compose the brand new Big Data solution provided by Microsoft. These services are fully managed (PaaS) services built on top of Hadoop, Yarn and many other Apache technologies. This diagram shows the high-level architecture: . Unique in this diagram is the U-SQL language. U-SQL is a Microsoft new language…. Read more