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SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database Always Encrypted feature in action

SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL database from v12 onwards offer a new security functionality called Always encrypted (*SQL Database will support in Preview the feature within the next month). Let’s see what it does with a simple example.  Always encrypted feature promises you to protect your data from prying eyes and does that simply… Read more

SQL Server intrusion detection using Azure Event Hub, Azure Stream Analytics and PowerBI

Intro A couple of days ago I was asked this question: As a DBA, what can Stream Analytics do for my on-premise SQL Server? The answer is easy to come by: to handle the ERRORLOG. SQL Server has its own streaming log: it’s called ERRORLOG (yes, the capitalization is intended) and gives us a cartload… Read more

Microsoft SQL Server meets Redis: an elegant logging platform at your doorstep – Day 1

Microsoft officially announced Microsoft Azure support for Redis a little while ago. I was particularly excited about this since Redis is a very elegant software that allows multiple interesting recipes. In a nutshell, Redis is a key-value store optimized for fast modification and retrieval. It’s widely used in web sites as hot (and warm) cache,… Read more

Sneak peek: Horizontal scaling using “Azure SQL Database Elastic Scale Preview” – Day 1

Few days ago we announced a new elastic framework for SQL Database. This new framework is very exciting because will help developers to scale SQL Server workloads in a horizontal way. This is very, very difficult to achieve on your own: I’ve seen many implementations – with varying degrees of complexity –often build around the… Read more