PDC Tag 2: Windows 7, VS 2010 + .NET 4, Live Services, Office Online

Die 1. Keynote des 2. PDC-Tages ist gerade vorüber (30 Minuten überzogen), und WOW! – was für ein Feuerwerk! Windows 7: UI-Verbesserungen, Multi-Touch, Performance, Sicherheit, Konfigurierbarkeit – und ein neues Notepad 🙂 Windows 7 wird der ursprünglichen Longhorn-Vision ziemlich nahe kommen. (Ja, hier wird Hofstadters Gesetz sichtbar: Es dauert immer länger, selbst wenn man Hofstadters…


Cool Vista quick launch keyboard shortcut: Windows + <n>

This is totally off-topic, and most people out there probably know this already (or do they?), but I love this Vista feature that I discovered by accident today, so I have to blog about it: There is a keyboard shortcut on Vista for launching the first ten apps in your quick launch toolbar, and it’s…


No Flash in IE7 on Windows Vista? Here is the fix

Until recently I was not able to see any flash content (Soapbox videos, e.g. 😉 in my browser on my Vista machine. Adobe’s installer site told me that everything was fine, but other sites complained that I either had not installed Flash, or turned off JavaScript (which is both not true). So the problem behind this is…


SideShow kommt

Auf der CES werden vermehrt Geräte mit SideShow-Devices gesichtet – heise online berichtet von zwei neuen Laptops und funktionalen Details dazu. SideShow-Devices basieren ja auf dem .NET Micro Framework, das als Firmware fungiert, einen speziellen UI-Layer zur Anzeige der Gadgets enthält und mit dem Host-Betriebssystem Windows Vista in Kontakt steht, um Daten auszutauschen.


Vista RTM on my Toshiba M400: smooth update from RC2

During the last couple of weeks, I was still using Vista RC2 on my M400 since I was on a roadshow, with all my demos built on that pre-release version, and I did not want to run the risk of ending up without a demo machine in the middle of the tour after a potentially…


Windows Embedded Studio on Windows Vista – database issue & solution

If you have played with SQL Server on recent builds (Beta2 and beyond) of Windows Vista, you might have noticed that database connections using Windows authentication usually fail because of UAC (User Account Control) – even if the account you are using is in the Administrators group, and regardless of what account your SQL Server…


See Windows Vista

… here. Very cool. (Yes, it’s Flash, not WPF – yet.)


Webcast heute: Windows Workflow Foundation [German :-]

20.10.2005, 16:00-17:00: MSDN Webcast: Highlight der PDC 2005 – Teil 3: Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Der Webcast vermittelt einen ersten Überblick über die wichtigsten Konzepte dieser neuen Basistechnologie für die Ablaufsteuerung in Anwendungen, welche ab dem kommenden Jahr im Rahmen von WinFX verfügbar sein wird.


Hasta la Vista, Longhorn…

🙂 Yes, the OS formerly known as “Longhorn” got its first preliminary official name: Windows Vista. (Remember, we don’t have a Beta 1 yet…) See the announcement here. I will still wear my “Longhorn” jacket at the PDC in L.A. – it will always be Longhorn for me…


Avalon & video drivers

I was playing with some of the current Avalon stuff today when I noticed that videos in my Avalon apps were all displayed as black rectangles instead of the actual video content. I was wondering why (this should work just fine with my hardware – an ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo w/ 128 MB…