Some cool new apps for Windows Mobile: Upvise, YomoMedia, and Moorhuhn

If you are a Windows Mobile power user (or intend to become one), you are always looking out for new functionality and apps that make you even more productive on the road, and/or give you more fun. And since there are more than 20000 Windows Mobile apps out there, with that list growing every day, it can’t be that hard to find suitable – or can it? Well, today, you have to know where to look for new software, until we fix that problem with Windows Marketplace for Mobile in the coming fall when we launch Windows Mobile 6.5.

One good place to have in the list of browser favorites is certainly 1800PocketPC. Some of the really cool things I have found this way in the last couple of days include

  • Upvise: This is a cloud collaboration & sync service with a range of mobile clients, incl. a really finger-friendly Windows Mobile client, which makes organizing projects, tasks, shopping lists very easy, and offers access to RSS feeds & Wikipedia, too. It can work in offline mode, too, btw.
    Screen04 Screen05 Screen12
  • YomoMedia: A content aggregator service (RSS feeds, podcasts, videos) with a nice Windows Mobile client. Adding custom feeds to your news subscription is excitingly easy, btw.
    Screen06 Screen07
  • Moorhuhn: YES! A classic browser based shooter game, highly successful in Germany a few years ago, has been implemented for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices. Shoot the birds (Moorhuhn means “grouse”, btw.) by tapping them with the stylus. Addictive 🙂


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