Noch ein Windows-CE-Training im April!

Hiermit erkläre ich den April zum offiziellen Windows-CE-Trainingsmonat! 🙂

MicroConsult führt vom 21. – 23.04.2009 in Zusammenarbeit mit den CE-Profis unseres Windows Embedded Gold Partners Elektrobit ein Training zum Thema

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2: Betriebssystem-, Treiber- und Applikationsentwicklung

durch. Trainingsort ist München. Hier die Agenda:

Introduction and Operating System Overview
   - Characteristics of Windows Embedded CE
   - History of Windows Embedded CE
   - What's new in CE 6.0 R2?

Tools for Platform Development
   - Visual Studio 2005 & CE 6.0 R2 installation
   - Windows Embedded CE terminology
   - A look at the IDE
   - Introduction to the build process
   - Testing and debugging the OS design
   - Windows Embedded CE directory structure

Operating System Internals
   - System architecture
   - Memory model
   - Processes and threads
   - Synchronization objects
   - Interrupt model

Operating System Components
   - File systems
   - Registry
   - Power management
   - Internationalization

Build System
   - Directory structure of the build tree
   - Build process
   - Build tool
   - Command line
   - Troubleshooting a build

Board Support Package
   - BSP overview
   - Platform common code
   - BSP components
   - Creating a new BSP

Device Driver Concepts
   - Overview: device drivers
   - User mode driver framework
   - Handling caller buffers
   - Loading a stream driver
   - Debugging device drivers

Customizing the OS Design
   - Catalog
   - Shell options
   - SDKs

Application Development
   - Application development options
   - Native code development
   - Managed code development

Testing & Verification
   - Windows Embedded CE test kit
   - Other test utilities

Also nichts wie hin! Hier über Details informieren und anmelden.

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