Update your BlackJack II to WM 6.1 now

Well, I don't want to be the last one to blog about the fact that the much-awaited Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM update for AT&T's Samsung BlackJack II (SGH-i617) is available here now (after it has been pulled a few days ago after its first appearance), so here's my version of the announcement.

Make sure you read the instructions first, and follow them - I know, reading manuals is for sissies, but it's really important in this case because you need to install a Samsung Modem driver. If you don't, you might get stuck in the middle of the update. (Installing the driver at that point worked for me, and the update continued properly, but we don't want to run the risk of bricking the device, do we?)

Btw, there is an updater for Vista, and another one for XP. I chose the latter one (having both a Vista and an XP machine available) because in my experience flashing tools for Vista still provide me with surprises too often...


Good luck, and enjoy Windows Mobile 6.1!

(Btw, my backup software was not able to restore my previous configuration, so I'm in the process of re-installing lots of software... We have to admit that today's Windows Mobile update procedure leaves a lot to desire.)

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