Embedded auf der TechEd Developers in Barcelona

Auf der diesjährigen TechEd 2007 Europe im November in Barcelona wird auch das Thema "Embedded" wieder vertreten sein, und diesmal auch durch mich (im letzten Jahr war ich ja zu der Zeit im Rahmen des TechTalk unterwegs). Mit meinen Kollegen Dave Baker und Olivier Bloch werde ich über folgende Themen reden:

MEDIS02 Windows Embedded First Steps Chalk & Talk

Dave Baker , Frank Prengel , Olivier Bloch

This session is intended for those just discovering Windows Embedded. It will cover the common elements of the Microsoft Windows Embedded family of products most relevant to the audience. In this interactive session, learn from Microsoft field professionals who will discuss broad foundation topics, answer your questions and provide insights from their extensive experience working with developers delivering Windows Embedded solutions throughout the region. If you intend to attend any of the Windows Embedded breakout sessions at this event, this session will maximize the value you can gain from them.
(Mon Nov 5 16:00 - 17:15)

MED302 Building Connected Device Solutions

Frank Prengel , Olivier Bloch

There is a strong tendency for embedded devices to get increasingly connected – both in the home (media, home control), and in the enterprise (data collection, central control & configuration, etc.). Microsoft's embedded products include the technologies required to easily build devices that consume or expose services. In this session we discuss and demo what it takes to build devices on Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded CE, and the .NET Micro Framework, that make new connected scenarios possible.
(Thu Nov 8 10:45 - 12:00)

MED305 Using .NET 3.0 in Embedded Applications

Frank Prengel

Due to popular demand, support for the .NET Framework 3.0 on Windows XP Embedded is now available through Update Rollup 1.0. Therefore, embedded devices can now take advantage of the latest .NET technologies in a range of typical scenarios where embedded application developers have to implement specialized functionality: e.g. UI for kiosk systems, visualization for HMI devices, communication for devices consuming or offering services, or well-defined workflow or system states. This session discusses how to use WPF, WCF, and WF in these scenarios, and how to integrate and use .NET 3.0 in your Windows XP Embedded image.
(Thu Nov 8 17:30 - 18:45)

Die komplette Session-Liste gibt es hier

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