Wind River, Red Hat parting ways over Embedded Linux

Says this article. Seems like they have to figure out yet how to earn money from embedded Linux. Now we have yet another distro that competes with all the others.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Considering how strong WindRiver is in the embedded space, I have to question the logic of enlisting RedHat’s expertise in developing a strong Linux distribution. RedHat, as the article mentions, is primarily focused on desktop and server distributions whereas the embedded space (and especially so the cellular phone space) requires much more modularity and focus on very specific applications. RedHat may have driver development expertise, but WindRiver could pick that up for the price of a headhunt at Montavista or any embedded Linux integrators (and there are quite a few).

    I wouldn’t count WindRiver out, they are far too entrenched in the embedded market to forget about. However their acquisitions and mergers in the past few years (like the BSD catch and release) have been boneheaded and have led the company farther away from their core competencies. Developing a Linux distribution is one step in the right direction, but according to the article there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of money there.

    As a consumer, I’ll be glad when embedded Linux has a full suite of applications that can compete on the cell phone market. Three competitors (Symbian, Microsoft, and Linux) fighting for the top will make all of them better.

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