Using the HTC Universal’s backlight button

If you have an HTC Universal (aka i-mate Jasjar, MDA Pro, Qtek 9000, XDA Exec, VPA IV, etc.), and you are like me, you find the backlight button on the right-hand side of the device pretty useless (since the backlight itself seems to be pretty useless), and worst of all, you cannot re-map that button to more useful in the button settings control panel. Well, at least not in the standard configuration. But there is help! All you have to do is add a specific registry key plus a few values. This is described here, for example. If you don't have a registry editor at hand, I have created this CAB installer (or alternatively, you can use this zipped registry key file) for your convenience. Install and map the new "FlashButton" to that fits your purposes. (I have mapped mine to <OK/Close>, which is very convenient for one-handed operation.) Use at your own risk, of course.


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