BOF session on embedded development at the German launch event

As you can see from the current agenda of the German VS/SQL launch in February, the topic "embedded & mobile" is suspiciously missing. This does not mean we don't pay attention to this (quite the opposite, at least in my case! :-), but we had certain constraints which unfortunately did not allow for including this (rather esoteric, in some people's opinion) topic in the form of a regular presentation.

As a substitute, I'm currently planning for a "birds of a feather" (BOF) session where all attendees interested in this stuff can gather together, and discuss the questions that are most interesting to the majority. This might be a mix of presentation (where we briefly present the new stuff around VS2005 & SQL Mobile for those who haven't looked into this yet), and Q&A. The draft title for the session is "Visual Studio, Windows Embedded & Co." and should really be about software development for the Windows Embedded (CE, XPe, WEPOS) world. So, if you are interested in this, stay stuned for an update to the agenda, and watch out for announcements during the event. Of course, I would also be interested in knowing what you think about this, and what topics you would like to be covered. Please give me feedback.


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  1. Great, I missed something like a BOF session on the launch event where mobility is subject. I will participate on this session!


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