How to carry around your i-mate Jasjar/MDA Pro/Qtek 9000/HTC Universal…?

When I got my i-mate Jasjar recently, the one thing that disappointed me a bit was the case that came in the box - no belt clip! How am I supposed to carry this with me? Doesn't really fit in my trousers' pockets, and is even too big/heavy for most jackets... So I was looking for a good case with belt clip - and I found this one at Expansys. It arrived yesterday, and I am entirely satisfied with it - quite slim, device is easy to take out/put in, case looks professional.

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  1. Mario says:

    Question – is it basically a holster? I’ve just got one of these gadgets myself and I’m a fan of the silicone-type PDA cases or else the leather flip-top ones that don’t need to be removed. I’m still hunting for The Case for this… Might even go for some EGrips…

  2. FrankPr says:


    yes, it’s kind of a holster – you can easily remove it from your belt because it just clips on, but in order to use the device, you have to take it out of the case. Works perfectly for me.

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