KurzweilAI RSS feed

Just learned (thanks to Amara D. Angelica) that Ray Kurzweil's fascinating KurzweilAI site has a news feed. Will subscribe to stay up-to-date with the exponentially accelerating technological progress ... 🙂

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  1. Neil Cowburn says:

    I take it you’ve already read "The Age of the Spiritual Machines"? What an awesome book!

  2. lokadin says:

    🙁 unfortunatly i can’t get the rss feed to work with <a href="http://google.ca/ig"&gt; google portal</a> :(, which i find somewhat ironic considering how progressive he’s supposed to be, the fix to make his site compatible would be really easy, simply to rename it from the index.html that it is currently to rss.xml say, or anything .xml as it is technically not an html file anyways.

    i don’t blame the blunder however he is running a microsoft server.

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