How secure is your app server? Ask @stake.

While browsing Scott's blog, I found this reference to a security study by @stake, comparing .NET 1.1 and IBM WebSphere, which I wasn't aware of previously.

Quote: "Based on the results of our analysis, @stake scored the .NET Framework higher then WebSphere running on either Unix or Linux."

Looks pretty credible to me since @stake is well known and independent. So everyone out there thinking that MS isn't for the enterprise since it's not secure, read the study!

Comments (3)

  1. FrankPr says:

    Thanks to Scott who pointed out ( that @stake might not be *that* independent after all.

    I believe the incident discussed in the article (it was all over the IT media then) does not prove anything. Yes, Microsoft *might* have ordered the study or paid for it. Yes, the moon *might* be made of green cheese (and Apollo was never there) …

    In the end, everyone cites the studies which fit his/her ideology. There are no absolute criteria, either. The important thing is that people choose the right technology to get their job done at the lowest possible price. If .NET does the job (and saves some money over J2EE, maybe), then take .NET (and vice versa, of course).

  2. Jorriss.Net says:

    I love the MSDN blog feed.  Frank Prengel writes about a study between .Net and Websphere where…

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