Trying out Lonestar

Just installed a recent build of Lonestar (Tablet PC on my old Acer Tablet PC. I'm amazed what they did to the TIP and the recognizer! This really improves usability a lot. Also, the new Context Tagging Tool which allows you to attach context information (known as factoids in SDK v. 1.*) to arbitrary input fields in arbitrary applications, is a very cool thing as it improves recognition considerably.

Haven't looked too deeply into the new SDK (1.7) yet, but the biggest improvements seem to be (a) the fact that the ink controls now work in partially trusted environments (so you can put them on HTML pages or use them in no-touch deployment scenarios), and (b) a thing called real-time stylus which gives you more low-level control of the ink as it is generated. Will have to dig deeper into this in the next few days...

And the best of all: the upgrade to Lonestar will be free (as in "beer" ;-), so if you're planning to buy a Tablet PC today (I just ordered the new Toshiba M200 which has a great resolution of 1400x1050 - just what I was waiting for), don't hesitate since you can upgrade later.

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  1. Ramzi says:

    For those who don’t really know what Lonestar is : It’s the SP2 version of Windows XP.

    Also installed the RC1 (freely downloadable) on the Microsoft site on my Acer Tablet PC…

    Really great, no need to use the keyboard anymore. For example : with the new TIP you have access to the function keys (F1 – F12) which is already a great leap.

    Most of all, the character recognition mode is great when you need to type in exact codes (like passwords, but of course when nobody is watching)

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